How to Make the Most of Facebook Page to Boost Your Business?

The strength of social media platform can be estimated from the myriad number of users connected with it. It has grown so huge that no eye can ignore it. It has given a platform to every account holder to share, express and propagate. Sagacious marketing on social media can lift your business in a dramatic way. Networking is the most effective strategy to make connections and propagate about your services and products. This platform provides a robust platform for networking.

But you need to market smartly to use it to the fullest. Here are some tips that will help you to make wise use of this platform to take your business to new heights:

  1. Business Page Profile: It is also in line with the terms and conditions of Facebook. One cannot use personal profile to represent his business. In other way it is also beneficial for business. Rather than creating a personal profile page, a business profile will work much better. You can introduce your brand, products, services and tools. Interested users can like page and receive updates from your page. The “About” and preview should be impressive and informative. That information is the first introduction about your business to a number of users and will make the base for their decision to try your services or not. You can also update it from time to time using “Edit” option.
  2. A URL That Represents Your Page: When you create a business profile, Facebook will automatically generate a link randomly. The more readable the URL, the better it is for search engine. Accessibility has always been an important strategy for search engine operations. For instance if you have business by name “XYZ”, the link can be “”.
  3. A Profile Picture That Identifies Your Business: The profile picture and cover photo are the two things that are first noticed on any profile. Also the picture is the thumbnail image that sticks to every update all over the platform. Set a 180 pixels by 180 pixels picture (as per standard dimensions of profile picture on Facebook) that recognizes your business. For instance, you can add your company logo, some popular service of yours or your head office. This makes the visitors recognize your page and get familiar with it more easily.
  4. Very Responsive Activity: If you respond to comments and questions of users on your page at a rate of 90% and within 15 minutes over the previous seven days, Facebook is going to award you “Very responsive to messages” badge. This will appear below your cover page photo and will make people feel that they are being valued and cared.
  5. Highlight Your Achievements: For this there is a “Milestone” tab available. It lets you mention your awards, honors, events or any other achievement. People will get to know about your potential and start developing trust in your services.
  6. Post at the Right Time: Actually there is no best time to post on Facebook. There have been some analyses going on to find out the best timings according to specific days, seasons, months etc. But basically, it depends on your target audience. For instance, the region where your target audience belong, their life styles and perceptions.

These are few tips through which you can represent your business on the huge platform and that too at limited cost. Be very specific about the quality of your content and pictures that are uploaded. Give hyperlinks to your business website. In the nutshell, present well and keep close to users to stay ahead of the others in the professional world.