5 Colors Advised to Get the Best Business Logo by Practiced Logo Designers

What is an Effective Logo Design?

An effective logo is an impeccable medium for businesses to secure brand recognition among potential customers. A business logo designed to perfection using latest techniques and trends is better than 1000 words. A qualitative logo is the easiest, affordable and the most reliable way for any business to get recognized in the market.

Why Businesses Primarily Fail?

7 out of 10 businesses struggle to keep themselves alive in today’s fiercely competitive marketplace just because their target audience is not able to recognize their brand or product easily. Their poorly crafted logos play a leading role in this process. For example, although companies like Pepsi and KFC are very successful on the corporate front nowadays yet they initially struggled because of a poor business logo.

Need a Perfect Logo?

Are you also planning to have the perfect logo for your business? Then reading this article will provide you with accurate education about the importance of accurate colors for a successful and easy to recognize business logo.

The Value of Colors in a Successful Business Logo:

Colors play an indispensable role in the making of any logo. Remember, you need not experiment with the design of your business logo in this process. The design of your logo remains the same while the color changes. Every single color has its own grace or meaning or implications for business logo. Are you struggling to choose the best color for your business logo? Don’t worry, an experienced logo designer can surely help you in this process. All of the renowned logo design companies advise you to think about using some of the following colors in your business logo because they help you promote your business:

  • Red
  • Blue Green
  • Purple
  • Orange
  • Brown

Let’s talk about their value in a successful business logo below in detail:

  1. Red:

Without a doubt, most of the businesses prefer their business logo be colored in red. Red provides a wide range of various emotions as well as carries them all intensely. Red, an everlasting call-to-action color, it helps your business services or products get connected with your target audience emotionally. It stimulates desire and appetite. This is why businesses like KFC, Pepsi and RedBull are using it in their business logo.

  1. Blue Green:

Renowned companies like PayPal, IBM, Pfizer, Facebook, Ford, and Intel, Hewlett-Packard (HP), Lenovo, Dell etc. use it in their business logo. As for reason, this beautiful color conveys high product/service quality and authoritative, success. It integrates your target audience with sincerity and displays your serious mindedness and calmness very effectively. This is why government bodies also prefer using blue color in their logo designs.

  1. Purple:

Sony, Yahoo, FedEx, BitTorrent and Viber etc. use this graceful color in their business logo for targeting certain market. Most of the time, this color is used by the companies that plan to differentiate themselves from the crowd.

  1. Orange:

Logo designers know the tit-bits about the colors to utilize in a logo. Companies prefer to use orange colored business logo to target younger audience. Younger audience loves products with innovation, modern approaches, energy, fun, affordability. This is why you must get in touch with practiced professional ask him/her to develop an orange colored business logo for your business.

  1. Brown:

Companies like HERSHEY’s, Harley Davidson and Audi use this effective color in their logo for promoting their products and services. Most of the time, it is used by the companies in their logo design for promoting products and services related to the outdoor or rural life easily.

At Last:

Hopefully, this was enough to help you assimilate the paramount role of colors in order to get a compelling, authoritative and easy to recognize business logo. Keeping this in mind, you are advised to keep the nature/domain of your business in mind while choosing the color of your business logo. If you don’t know the way to choose the best color according to the nature/domain of your business than you are advised to get in touch with the logo design companies as their professionals are thoroughly practiced in this regard. They will surely help you chose the best color for your business logo accordingly.