5 Advanced Website Design Trends in Dubai for Corporate Prosperity in 2017

Gone are the days of websites compatible only with desktop or laptop. Almost 90% consumers in the world have mobiles in their hands. They no longer want to carry their laptops for shopping while travelling. More than 90% visitors are opening websites on their cellphones for every purpose. Therefore, all of the web design companies in Dubai have quickly shifted their focus on the development of responsive website design practices.

The entire credit goes to Google’s mobile friendly update called the Mobilegeddon. Since most of the users were ready for mobile friendly websites, this technical change provided a perfect platform for most of the companies to promote responsive website designs in Dubai.

This is just the beginning of change. Users should expect more significant changes in the domain of web designing practices in Dubai by the year 2017. All of the expected changes are mentioned below:

  • Animation
  • Proliferated User Interface Patterns
  • Flat designs
  • Material Design
  • Micro level interactions

Mentioned above are the five expected changes likely to be witnessed by the entire web design companies in Dubai. Let’s see how these technical changes are going affect the website design practices followed in countries Dubai.

  1. Animations:

Most of the companies renowned for preparing the designs for website in Dubai are likely to embrace animations. These companies will attract a large number of users through animations for giving them enjoyable browsing experience. Some remarkable options like Loading, hover, scrolling and motion animations, slideshows and galleries background videos will definitely be accepted by most of the web design companies in Dubai.

  1. Proliferated User Interface Patterns:

All of your visitors visit your website for getting fresh content and new look of your website. This is very much possible with effective content management systems like WordPress, Drupal and a great e-commerce development technology called Magento. Howbeit, these technologies makes all of the website designs look similar. This can be possible with the help of proliferated UI patterns mentioned below:

  • Long Scroll websites
  • Card Layouts
  • Hamburger menus
  • Social media sign-up options
  1. Flat Designs :

Although most of the modern website visitors like to browse through responsive website designs yet the era of flat website designs is not over. All of the established and emerging companies for preparing web designs in Dubai are shifting their focus on utilizing flat website designs. This is going be a kind of hot web design trend in Dubai. Mentioned below will be the characteristics of these flat designs:

  • Utilization of bright colored themes
  • Induction of more depth using long shadows
  • Minimalized design for simplicity
  • Simplified typography for making your text readable for users
  1. Material Design:

Search Engine giant Google must be credited for the invention and introduction of material design. The main objective of this technical invention was to User Interface and User Experience (UI & UX) across all sorts of devices supporting applications. However, this further led to the Material Design Invention Lite in the month of July. It turned out to be suitable for most of the website operating on internet. Material Design is great technical invention for using depth and movement and make the design of your website appear more realistic. Most companies operating in the domain of website development are Material Design to perfection.

  1. Micro Interactions:

The concept of micro interactions is not new in the web world. Many websites are using it help their users do whatever they want to do. This is used for helping users interact with User interface. Liking a picture, commenting on status and posting status on social media website like twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn timeline is the best example of it. Now the companies operating in the domain of website design development in Dubai are trying to keep this trend as simple as possible for allowing such interactions to become more human.

The Best Advice:

Time is money! Your eyes are not deceiving you. You have read it right! Make sure that your website design developed in Dubai is a solid combination of all of the 5 trends mentioned above. Lack of such a technical advancement will lead your business towards financial disaster. Most of the customer don’t wait for more than two 2 seconds for your website to load and 0.5 seconds for framing their own opinion about the quality of your website’s design. A good website design helps you convert more than 40% customers into profitable leads whereas a bad one forces almost 90% customer to never come back to your website.

You are advised to be proactive! Don’t wait! Get out of the four walls of your office and find some reputed company for a better website design in Dubai for corporate prosperity.